Oh, sweet little girl: A poem for daughters


Oh sweet little girl, 
As you slumber and sleep, 
I wonder, as you grow, 
Which dreams you will keep. 


My heart fills with hope,
And my soul often sings,
When I stop to stare,
And I ponder these things. 


I watch your soft eyelashes, 
They flicker and flutter, 
As you toss and turn, 
You often smile as you mutter. 


I can’t understand what you say, 
Your words are not said for me, 
But you smile as you say them, 
So it is quite plain to see. 


Your smile lets me know,
Happiness must fill your dreams, 
And that matters right now, 
So much more than it seems. 



Because, my sweet girl, 
Sooner than I would like you will find,
The importance of dreams
In a world that is not always kind. 



Your sweet little dreams, 
They will change and grow, 
From make believe stories
To ones you will know. 


I can’t keep you from this,
Try as I might,
But I can whisper softly
This prayer every night:


I pray that your heart will stay strong,
May it bend and not break,
I pray that you will always find growth,
Behind every mistake. 


I pray you always surround yourself
With people who know your worth,
May you never question where you stand,
Or your place on this earth. 


I pray you never lose the things about you
That sets your soul apart,
I pray that even if you don’t finish,
That you always will start. 


I pray you continuously seek beauty,
That your eyes look towards the light,
I pray you be a doer of good,
That your heart yearns for whats right.


But most of all I pray
That your dreams remain strong,
That they are full enough to carry you
Through days that are long. 


I pray, my sweet girl, 
You always smile when you sleep,
And I pray when you wake,
That happiness you will keep.